Multiple Intelligences

bulletA Dolphin Up a Tree.  Book and Off-Broadway musical based on multiple intelligence and Myers-Briggs, by Kimberly Foster (to schedule a school performance, click here) bulletAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development. bulletChildren's Ministries of America (uses a multiple intelligences-inspired model of learning for Christian education), bulletDiscover Projects (multiple intelligences and problem-solving), University of Arizona, C. June Maker, Ph.D.; bulletThe Gardner School, Vancouver, WA bulletHarvard Project Zero. bulletInternet Links Exercising Your Multiple Intelligences, by Walter McKenzie,  bulletIRI/Skylight Publishers. bulletKagan Cooperative Learning. bulletKey School. bulletThe Learning Forum (integrates quantum learning, multiple intelligences, brain research, and other new learning technologies), bulletMidas (Multiple Intelligences Diagnostic Assessment Scales), bulletMiddletown Unified School District (CA), webquest to teach students about multiple intelligences, bulletMAW Education (U.K.). bullet Multiple Intelligences and Student Achievement:  Success Stories from Six Schools (book) by Bruce Campbell and Linda Campbell bullet Multiple Intelligences:  Best Ideas from Research and Practice (book) by Mindy Kornhaber et al. bulletNational Professional Resources Inc. (books and videos on multiple inteligences and other educational topics)  bulletMultiple Intelligences Institute, bulletNew City School. bulletNew Dimensions of Learning (David Lazear) bulletNew Horizons for Learning. bulletPeradaban School (Indonesia). bulletThe Saltonstall School, Salem, Massachusetts. bulletSan Jose Elementary School, Jacksonville, FL
bulletThe Stories Behind the Songs (resource tool for educators integrating musical intelligence with interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence) - bulletSue Teele & Associates (Teele Inventory for Multiple Intelligences [TIMI}, Rainbows of Intelligence, The Multiple Intelligences School, Overcoming Barricades to Reading) bulletThornburg Center for Professional Development. bulletUniversity of California, Riverside, Multiple Intelligences Teacher Certificate Program bulletZephyr Press.


bulletNeurodiversity:  Honoring the Variety of Human Wiring  bulletThe ADD Action Group. bulletADD books by Thom Hartmann. bulletBorn to Explore! The Other Side of ADD. bulletCenter for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (Peter Breggin, MD). bulletDavis Dyslexia Association International. bulletFred Baughman, MD. bulletRobert E. Kay, MD -  Philadelphia area psychiatrist. bulletRichard Falzone, MD -  Boston area psychiatrist. bulletFeingold Association of America. bulletThe Merrow Report. (PBS documentary: "Attention Deficit Disorder: A Dubious Diagnosis") bulletSaveOneStarfish. (News, resources, and links on difficulties with medications and ADD/ADHD label, as well as positive alternatives, run by nurses).  bulletThe Myth of ADHD and other Learning Disabilities:  Parenting Without Ritalin by Jan Strydon and Susan du Plessis, bulletGreat Beginnings ("The Gift of A.D.D." by MaryEllen Jirak) bulletdysTALK, information for parents on learning difficulties -

Other Learning Sites

bulletThe Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One (book)  by Margaret Lobenstine ( bulletMichele Borba (leading self-esteem and character development expert), bulletThe Brain Store (Eric Jensen). bulletTW Branun & Associates (facilitates conferences and staff development in innovative educational practices) , bulletBarbara Coloroso, Kids Are Worth It! bulletGrowing without Schooling (homeschooling options). bulletSusan Kovalik and Associates. bulletThe National Parenting Center. bulletLife Challenges.  bulletThe Natural Child Project (Jan Hunt),  bulletThe New Dimensions School, Morganton, North Carolina  bulletPaths of Learning,  Magazine, clearinghouse, and other resources for holistic and alternative education. bulletYour Competent Child (book) by Jesper Juul,  bulletThe Brain Incorporated, (Dr. Joan Caulfield - keynoter, staff developer, and consultant), ). Brain-compatible learning. bulletSaving Childhood Forum (Bruderhof Communities),  bulletSchool in the Park (San Diego, CA). bulletSTAR (Science, Theater, Art, Recreation) Education, bulletDeep Fun (Bernie DeKoven website, focused on play). bulletRen?Kristensen, Assistant Professor, University College, CVU Lillebaelt, Denmarkl; book (in Danish): anthology about developing appreciative relationships in education; DVD (in English) with Peter Lang and Jesper Juul (author of Your Competent Child), "Invitations and Integrity" and DVD with infant development expert Daniel Stern; go to: bulletGenius Coaching -


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