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Words of Wisdom in the Digital Age

“I’m not sitting there watching Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. If you’re speaking to me through Facebook or Twitter, I’m not listening. So let’s start there. ”I’m a fairly disconnected person who operates in a kind of old-fashioned way and I … Continue reading

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New Tech-Tool Called Tiblo Allows Kids with Dyslexia to Form Sounds of Words in 3-D

I just found out about a wonderful new technological learning tool that can allow students with dyslexia who work really well in a hands-on three-dimensional format to learn effective word-attack, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.  It’s called Tiblo, and it’s … Continue reading

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21st Century Learning: What Is It Really?

I’ve noticed a new buzz word hovering around educational circles these days.  It’s called 21st century learning.  My first reaction to this is:  aren’t we living in the 21st century?  And doesn’t that mean that any kind of learning we engage … Continue reading

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CRSTE Cyberconference: Thanks for Participating!

I want to thank the readers who have come from the CRSTE Cyberconference, and especially those who made comments on my posts, for participating in this i-event.  The comments have all been very positive and insightful.  One commenter, for example, … Continue reading

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