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Words of Wisdom in the Digital Age

“I’m not sitting there watching Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. If you’re speaking to me through Facebook or Twitter, I’m not listening. So let’s start there. ”I’m a fairly disconnected person who operates in a kind of old-fashioned way and I … Continue reading

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Aging Is Associated with Better Mental Health

Think about the aging process and most people will project negative perceptions and feelings onto the later stages of life. However, a new study that randomly interviewed people in their later years, revealed that while cognitive and physical ailments may … Continue reading

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Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

Here’s a little multiple choice quiz: When we come to the end of life, what is it that we are most likely to regret?  Is it: a) ”I wish that I had spent more time answering my email” b). ”I wish … Continue reading

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Gray Market in Home Care for the Elderly: A Good Idea?

Because of soaring costs in home health care for the elderly, some relatives of individuals in late adulthood are tapping a “hidden” market:  the so-called “gray market” in elderly home health care.  This consists of a network of generally untrained, … Continue reading

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Lower Your Blood Pressure to Protect Your Brain

A report in the journal Neuropsychology suggests that hypertension (high blood pressure) contributes to age-related declines in the brain and cognition.  They looked at two groups of adults:  one group remained healthy for 5 years; the other group either had … Continue reading

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