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14 Things American Children Learned Today

The election of Donald Trump as president-elect of the United States yesterday sends a number of strong messages to America’s children. Here are 12 things they learned today: You can win if you bully people around; You can make fun … Continue reading

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Vote for Hillary; Stop Trump Now!

I am writing you today with an urgent message.  The United States has not faced a more critical moment in its history since World War II as American citizens are being asked to choose between two candidates in Tuesday’s election.  … Continue reading

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Sign of the Times: Teacher Verbally Abuses First Grader for Getting Confused on Math Problem

The New York Times published an article today about a teacher at The Success Academy, a ”high achieving” school in New York City, who was observed abusing a young child verbally for getting confused on a math problem.  The article includes … Continue reading

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8 Steps to Teaching Tier 2 Academic Vocabulary in the Classroom

The Common Core has made the learning of frequently used academic vocabulary words a top priority in their focus on creating standards in the public schools.   It follows then that finding just the right instructional strategies to teach these words … Continue reading

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Revised and Updated Version of ”You’re Smarter Than You Think” Released This Week

  This week a revised and updated version of my book for children, You’re Smarter Than You Think:  A Kids’ Guide to Multiple Intelligences, was published by Free Spirit Publishing.  The book includes a new chapter on Gardner’s possible ninth intelligence (existential … Continue reading

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