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14 Things American Children Learned Today

The election of Donald Trump as president-elect of the United States yesterday sends a number of strong messages to America’s children. Here are 12 things they learned today: You can win if you bully people around; You can make fun … Continue reading

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Vote for Hillary; Stop Trump Now!

I am writing you today with an urgent message.  The United States has not faced a more critical moment in its history since World War II as American citizens are being asked to choose between two candidates in Tuesday’s election.  … Continue reading

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6 Reasons for Fully Including Children with Special Needs in Regular Classrooms

This is a presentation I made at the 16th Encuentro Internacional de Educacion Inicial y Preescolar in Monterrey, Mexico on October 15th, 2016, which focused this year on inclusion and diversity.  The event was sponsored by an exemplary early childhood … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Predict What a Child Will Become

This quote came to me via email and it seems to speak so profoundly to those who look at young children, especially those with special needs, and place them in foretold futures (e.g. ”this child will never be able to … Continue reading

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What Children’s Play is Not

The word ”play” gets batted around a lot in conversations about children’s learning and development needs, but sometimes different people are holding different notions of what the word ”play” actually means.  In this two-part blog post, I want to help … Continue reading

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