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Evaluativism and the Neurodiversity Movement

Today we have a guest blog from Chris Santos-Lang who is the founder and president of The Organization for Collaborative Leadership, Inc.  Chris has written about evaluativism, which, simply put, is the disregard of people with differing values, including political, … Continue reading

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استراتيجيات لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم باستخدام الذكاءات المتعددة

I قاد ورشة عمل في أبو ظبي في نهاية هذا الاسبوع حول موضوع الذكاءات المتعددة. كجزء من ورشة عمل لدينا، أنشأنا خريطة العقل من الطرق لتعلم الذكريات القرآن الكريم باستخدام استراتيجيات من تسعة الذكاء. هنا هو الخطوط العريضة للاستراتيجيات تستند … Continue reading

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Đa trí tuệ trình bày cho bác sĩ nhi khoa tại Hà Nội và Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Tôi đã ở Việt Nam trong hai ngày qua trình bày thông tin về lý thuyết đa trí tuệ để bác sĩ nhi khoa và các chuyên gia chăm sóc sức khỏe khác. Hôm qua (tháng 22), tôi ở Hà … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences Talks to Pediatricians in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I have been in Vietnam for the past two days presenting information about the theory of multiple intelligences to pediatricians and other health care professionals.  Yesterday (November 22), I was in Hanoi and spoke to about 220 HCPs at the … Continue reading

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Lectures Given at Sandplay Safari/Conference Held at Kruger Park, South Africa

Last month, I attended a safari/conference at Kruger National Park, South Africa.  The conference was sponsored and co-directed by my wife Barbara Turner and her colleague Celia van Wyk from Johannesburg, and was held at the Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp inside … Continue reading

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