New Thought Controlled Game Helps Kids with ADHD

ADHD Game Scientists in the United Kingdom have demonstrated the effectiveness of a new computer game (called Play Attention) that helps children with ADHD control their impulsivity.   The child wears a device that looks very much like a bike helmet (see illustration), which picks up the child's brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG).  As long as the child is producing brain waves that are associated with attention, he controls the action of the computer game, but if he stops concentrating, the game stops.  In a controlled study, children with ADHD who played the game three times a week for 12 weeks had significantly lower impulsivity than a similar group that did not use the system.  The system is produced by a non-profit public interest company called Games for Life.

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  1. With ADHD says:

    I never had any knowledged about this ADHD,what are the symptoms and signs that a child had this kind of disease.

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